It’s getting Hot in Sacramento, What to do?

Sacramento’s heat is going to be on the rise this summer. The city has already broken many temperature milestones this year, and be prepared to break a couple more in the thick of this summer heat. The world is warming, and as much as global warming dissenters want to deny it, it’s caused by human interaction with the Earth, and it’s all of our faults for allowing this to happen. But, if you do the best you can to help the environment, and you are also looking for a way to cool of without having to spend a couple hundred dollars on air conditioning this summer, jumping in a body of water is likely your best bet in cooling off. I have compiled a short list of activities you can do to cool off this summer.

Backyard Swimming Pool

The first, and most obvious choice to cool of this summer is to jump into the swimming pool you have in your backyard if you own one. The reason this is the best option is because in your backyard, you have privacy, no travel time, can stop at any time of your choosing, and you have the least likely chance of getting an illness from swimming in the water. As compared to what you will see continuing on the list, a swimming pool in your backyard or at your local gym even can be well taken care of, cleaned, and kept at the right balance for your body and your eyes to open them under water. My uncle, who is a swimming pool cleaner for his living says that it doesn’t take more than 10-20 minutes of care every day to have a swimming pool that is optimal for anyone to swim in. So with that advice, take it, clean your pools, and enjoy your easy breezy summer.

swimming pool

American River

My favorite place to get in the water minus the pool I have in my backyard. The American River gets it”s water supply from the melting of the snow in the Sierra Nevadas that trickle down in streams to the the Folsom Lake where it sits behind a damn. The water is then released from the middle and bottom layer of water where it forms the American River and goes downstream through Sacramento, where it meets up with the Sacramento River at the northwest edge of the city. The American River is always cool, and even cold water, which makes it the perfect place to hang out on the hottest of Sacramento Summer Days. The American River is one of the safer water places to swim at due to the river being shallow throughout much of the river way. You can catch floaters on the river any day of the week, as well as people ion kayaks and canoes. Fishers also are regularly spotted knee deep in the water, enjoying the elements as well. The American River is the coolest hot place in Sac. There are many beaches along the river, and many spots for cars to park and have an easy access point to the water.


Sacramento River

If you’re into boating activities, the Sacramento River is the river for you. Many people bring out their boats to the river and participate in water sports and activities. The deep warm water is optimal for waterskiing, kneeboarding, wake boarding, and good ‘ole cruising down the river. You can also catch the occasional floater on the river, as well as a couple swimmers, so keep an eye out for them and say hello! The Sacramento River is on the Western Edge of the city, stretching from the county area of Natomas City through Elk Grove as it makes it’s way to the bay. The River has some monumental areas to check out with your family if you are into the history of the city. Sacramento sits on one of the main floodplains of the state, and it sure is a trip t know exactly what is keeping the rest of us safe. sacramento river

Water Parks

If you aren’t about the nature swimming life and are more of a thrill seeker, try out some of the waterparks that Sacramento has. Sunsplash and Raging Waters are the go to places to head out to on the hottest days of Summer when you are looking for some fun! These water parks sometimes even have night slides. So those nights in Sac that don’t seem to ever dip below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you have an activity that is thoroughly enjoyable to do during the wee hours of a hot hot night.

Folsom Lake

They know how to enjoy the water in Folsom. Folsom Lake is a lake accessible to the public about 25 minutes East of Sacramento. The Lake has all sorts of activities to those who complain that Sacramento is boring. Well, in Folsom, you can wakeboard, swimming, hang out on the boat, kayak, chill on the beach, and participate in a game of beach volleyball. One of the best places to hang out on a sunny hot day in Sacramento is to pack the vehicle up and make a trip to cool of at Folsom Lake.

folsom lake

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