The Kings are coming to downtown Sac!

Maybe you’ve been to Sacramento, you can’t help to notice how boring the downtown area is.  Compared with most other big cities in the U.S. the nightlife and entertainment can use some serious uplifting.  Many people follow basketball but if you’re from Sacramento you’ve got to be a Sacramento Kings fan.  For years the Kings have played just past downtown in Natomas where it’s considered a suburb.  The biggest problem with this location is it was very far for most people and the surrounding area was boring neighborhoods.  Natomas is a great place to raise a family and live, but not for a professional basketball team.  Most of the NBA teams have their arena positioned in an area where restaurants, clubs, and dining are at the epicenter of the arena. Sacramento natives for years have been itching for a live downtown scene where people can congregate downtown for the night.
The effects the arena will have in downtown will be needed.  Not only will new clubs, bars, dining, shopping stores flock downtown but the real estate in the area will go up pushing out many of the trashy, homeless parts of the area.  On a side note after the basketball arena is built in downtown there is talk and plans of building a soccer stadium for the Sacramento Republic FC.  Sacramento is considered a big soccer city but many people wouldn’t realize it.  I can’t even imagine what downtown Sacramento will be like with two sporting event arenas.  The downtown will shift from a 9am-5pm downtown to a 24 hour poppin downtown in a short amount of years.sac republic fc

These arena could be exactly what the Kings need.  If you don’t follow the Sacramento Kings it’s okay because in the last 10 years they haven’t done much at all.  The team is considered a middle of the road below 500 squad.  But with the arena coming to downtown a new surge of money and people will take over the area and a new energy will be born.  It’s funny because Kings games are considered the loudest in the league but I can’t even imagine what the level of loudness will be with a brand new arena.  Concerts at the new arena will be crazy.  Picture your favorite artist on stage performing for you and 17,000 other people.  It’s rumored that civilians will be able to see the action in the arena from the outside on the sidewalk.  Only time will tell, but that would be something else.
sacramento kings arena
When the fall of 2016 comes it will be a new downtown Sacramento.  It is a must if you live in the city or in the surrounding cities to visit and go to Kings games.  There will be so many things to do before and after the game in midtown and old sac.  A lot of the crusty old buildings near the arena are being bought up and rejuvenated for commercial use.  Along with amazing clubs, restaurants, and shopping centers the poor, homeless crowd will be in a way pushed out.  It will be a necessary event.  In order for people to come downtown to enjoy the night out with their friends and family they need to feel safe.  Much of the northern part of downtown Sacramento is sketch and has to be avoided at night, but when the basketball arena and soccer stadium are popular we can be assured safety and lively fun events will be the highlight of the night.

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