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Hi Everyone, my name is Jessica, I just had a website malfunction and am in the process of transferring articles written on the website previously. Some of the same blog article ideas will be repeated initially, thanks for hanging in there with me!

I love my town, and am excited for what the future of the city brings. I truly believe Sac is a blossoming city, and quite possibly, the centire of the universe (will be explained later). The new NBA Sacramento Kings arena is getting built downtown, and boy does it look amazing compared to the rest of the arenas around. IT surely proved a lot of the naysayers wrong who said it might be an eyesore for the city. The arena is also believed to be nearly energy efficient due to the high powered solar panels on the roof and exterior of the arena. But, one thing that I am worried about is if the traffic situation will get worse because of the arena. Sacramento highways have not been seriously updated in over a decade, and the traffic situation is actually horrendous in the city. If you are anywhere near what you think might be peak traffic hours, you will hit traffic. Don’t expect to go more than 10 miles anywhere in the city during traffic hours unless you can handle maybe 30 minutes in traffic.

That’s why I am an avid biker. I think biking around Sacramento during traffic times makes life certainly a breeze, and I will discuss a new joy of biking that I have recently discovered.

Like I said, the name is Jessica, I’m a Sacramentan native, born, raised, and remain! I’m an ¬†extravagant thinker and I enjoy trying to stretch my brain out and think outside the box. I’m a quirky¬†one, call me out on anything that you like, dislike, or want to have a conversation about. I love empowering others and having others empower me, let’s grow together!

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