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Having grown up in the city, many people are surprised to find out how lively Sacramento’s party scene truly is. Most people expect to go to the bars, nightclubs, and downtown restaurants to find their late night fun, but in truth, house parties are always better. Memories are made much more often at house parties. The rules are far less, you’re more likely to be surrounded by people with similar interests, and quite often, friends. To truly discover the house party scene, you must integrate yourself into the city.

House parties are usually invite only. It’s not like going to the bar or the club where you pretty much know where to go, and what you’re going to get. Part of the fun of going to a house party is that you never know how the night is going to turn out. So many of us go out searching for the Project X style party (the fun parts, not the destruction). And the truth is, the party lies in your hands just as much as everyone else’s. The party will get as crazy as you, the host, and the other party guests let it. So make it memorable and get loco!

The following are the list of the best parts of Sacramento to get integrated and find a house party!

East Sacramento

East Sacramento Parties are usually great because they usually take place mainly outside. Many East Sacramento homes are smaller than your average home, but they come with a yard equipped for a party. Most East Sac parties are invite only, but if it gets big enough and you feel like you could blend in, then insert yourself in the fun and get loco.

La Riviera Parties

To clear up some possible initial confusion, La Rivera is often considered the neighborhoods and streets that border La Riviera drive, a street that stretches from Folsom BLVD as the road gets near Rancho Cordova, all the way going up next to the American River and towards California State University of Sacramento. La Riviera holds many of the sorority and fraternity houses of Sacramento State, and these lads sure can turn up. If you know someone who could get you into one of these parties, you sure don’t want to miss it. If you can blend well, you always have the chance to be the face of every party that you attend as these people can get lively, but they lack much originality and some of the parties have terrible fate of blending with the string of recent local parties.

Natomas/Elk Grove Parties

Only should be attended if you are close friends with a great number of people there as the people can sometimes be socially awkward or ghetto. Not enough quirky people at the parties and a lot of plain Jack and Janes.

Downtown Parties

The people who live downtown and throw parties are often the craziest and most go lucky groups of people. Downtown people are of the trippier sort and so often are people who grew up, or head to the Bay Area a lot and pick up quite a bit of ticks and fun from them. Downtown Parties are amazing to go to due to the proximity of the locales, and if you can get in one, you are sure to have one of the best times of your lives.

downtown sacramento party

Folsom/El Dorado

If you’re down to take the drive, Folsom and El Dorado Hills hold some of the nicest houses near Sacramento and are always hosting memorable parties. Since the houses are usually on the bigger side, house parties can have a much higher capacity than the more local parties. The people are usually great out there, and if you can take the risk of having a longer than usual travel time, I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed when you get to the party. The people out here are so fun and can sure turn the party up to ten. If you are looking fora Project X kind of party, hit up Folsom and El Dorado on the regular.

If you guys ever want to know which party I’ll be at, comment on this post. If you recognize me at a party, make sure to run up to me and greet me. I love meeting new faces around town and I think we could have a lot to share with each other.

Peace and Love,


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