Soccer in Sacramento

The world loves soccer.  Let’s just say most of every other country besides the US is obsessed with the beautiful game.  Every country in South America and Europe have kids playing futbol all over the place.  It’s a religion to them.  You can feel the passion when countries play each other especially in the World Cup.  Every 4 years in a randomly selected country the World Cup unfolds.  Many people from all over the world flock to one country to see the best soccer played.
Throughout history there has only been a handful of countries that dominate the sport across the board.  In South America, Brazil and Argentina are the two best countries that compete at a high level.  In Europe, as of lately Spain and Germany have been very dominate in World Cup play.  It’s no surprise that countries that are obsessed with the game win every year.  It doesn’t take much for young kids to play.  All that is really needed is a ball and land.  Endless possibilities take place with the beautiful game.  Young kids that are scouted early on have a chance to develop their skills even more with a professional team.  In today’s era all the money in soccer is in Europe, so most of the talent from South America that gets scouted ends up getting bought by European powerhouse clubs.

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