Soccer in Sacramento

The world loves soccer.  Let’s just say most of every other country besides the US is obsessed with the beautiful game.  Every country in South America and Europe have kids playing futbol all over the place.  It’s a religion to them.  You can feel the passion when countries play each other especially in the World Cup.  Every 4 years in a randomly selected country the World Cup unfolds.  Many people from all over the world flock to one country to see the best soccer played.
Throughout history there has only been a handful of countries that dominate the sport across the board.  In South America, Brazil and Argentina are the two best countries that compete at a high level.  In Europe, as of lately Spain and Germany have been very dominate in World Cup play.  It’s no surprise that countries that are obsessed with the game win every year.  It doesn’t take much for young kids to play.  All that is really needed is a ball and land.  Endless possibilities take place with the beautiful game.  Young kids that are scouted early on have a chance to develop their skills even more with a professional team.  In today’s era all the money in soccer is in Europe, so most of the talent from South America that gets scouted ends up getting bought by European powerhouse clubs.

As for soccer in America it’s pretty stale to say the least.  It’s no surprise if you’ve seen the US in any friendly matches.  Simply put the US doesn’t care enough about soccer.  If you’re an avid sports fan in the US you’ll notice how there’s simply too many sports to keep up with.  Football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and soccer are seem to be big on TV.  Soccer definitely comes last out of those big sports in popularity.  It’s also pretty obvious driving around in the streets looking at parks how you will fail to notice any kids playing soccer.  In many of the impoverished countries of the world soccer is played religiously in the streets, fields, or beaches.  Everyday kids continue to get better and better while kids in the US keep playing video games all day long.
Whether you like it or not soccer is the most popular sport in the world.  It’s crazy! The biggest game is between Spain giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.  Last year the number of people that watched the game exceeded 500 million.  No other sport could claim those numbers.  Of course Spain would have the biggest teams with the most fans in the world.  It’s funny to think that Spain is the biggest country in Europe for soccer despite the fact that England brought the game to the continent.  There are rumors that centuries ago the Englishmen brought the game to the streets.  It really wasn’t until the late 19ty century when official rules were cemented.
Today soccer in Sacramento is a big deal.  Whether you know it soccer is huge in Sacramento.  There’s great youth programs that develop and put out outstanding players.  Every years dozens of high school soccer players rise to the next level, collegiate soccer.  Sacramento is perfect for soccer if you think about it.  Great weather and plenty of land make for ideal conditions for soccer.  The Sacramento Republic FC is the local professional soccer team that is continuing to gain more and more interest as the team impresses the fans.  Many local Sacramento fans are excited about the new and improved downtown basketball arena but many are also even more thrilled about the Sacramento Republic FC soccer stadium coming to downtown.
Many people in Sacramento are becoming more and more passionate about the game.  Reasonably so because the sport has been popular in the world for a lot longer than the US has kept up.  It’s time the US and more specifically Sacramento put soccer on the map.  As a fellow American it’s embarrassing to watch my country play in the World Cup.  To be honest my friends and I end up rooting for opposing countries or dominate European teams as they are more fun to watch.  It’s not that hard to understand how these countries dominate the world stage.  They play everyday all day! Just like anything else in life if you want to become the best you must be obsessed.  As Conor McGregor says, “there is no talent, only obsession.” I don’t think he could’ve said it any better.  Sacramento must have more kids playing soccer in the streets and fields to be a major soccer hub.  Let’s think about it soccer is fun and boasts great exercise.  Especially living in Sacramento anyone can play year round.  Let’s grab a ball, juggle, and play a game!

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